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Our company was founded May 1, 2000, with headquarters in Miami, Florida


Leadership Team

President of Charity Services Centers, P.A. (CSC), and CEO of Impact Deposits Corp., Bill offers over 30 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience and previously owned and managed a regional broker-dealer firm. As the founder of IDC, Bill has been instrumental in product development, patent processing, legal structuring, computer automation, and government authorization. Bill developed the “charity affinity program”, the signature program of CSC, which links community banks with local charitable organizations. CSC now serves over 200 nonprofits and has four regional offices and eight satellite locations around the country. Bill also sits on the Board of Directors of Learning 1 to 1 Foundation. Bill received a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (B.A., 1969), a law degree from Columbia Law School, and an MBA from the University of Miami.

President & CEO

William R. Burdette

As Vice-President, Relationship Manager, Rosy Lopez plays a central role in Impact Deposits Corp.’s purpose driven mission. By partnering banks with non-profit organizations in communities they serve, she helps building the mutually-beneficial relationships that insure your cash deposits will have a positive social impact. Rosy began her career in finance with commercial banking, where she spent 26 years working for a few of the country’s largest financial institutions. In 2018, she was offered an opportunity to make an impact in the community while integrating her banking and finance background. This is when she joined Impact Deposits Corp. and became the liaison between them and their network of banking partners. Currently, Rosy has been able to pursue her passion by utilizing her bank relationships to give back to non-profits in our community.

VP, Relationship Manager

Rosy Lopez

Sam is the architect of the core system that manages the depositors and banks in the deposit network. He has been associated with Impact Deposits for almost 15 years. The skills he brings to the company are not just associated with building and maintaining the system. He is extremely knowledgeable about the bank rates, P&L of Impact Deposits, and back office processing that helped Impact Deposits grow from $400 million to $1.8 billion. The social benefits that Impact Deposits is able to provide are in line with Sam’s passion of working with local non-profits in Puerto Rico.


Samuel Segui

Michelle has been with Impact Deposits since 2015. After building her accounting and clerical skills in the insurance field, she joined Impact Deposits as an assistant, and then quickly stepped into the Accounting Manager role after earning her BA from Florida International University. Michelle has dedicated herself to perfecting Impact Deposits’ accounting systems, improving both output and departmental efficiency. Driven by the need for a challenge and the desire to make a future for herself and her family, Michelle purchased a delivery business in 2019 with a partner. Michelle’s greatest hope is that everywhere she goes, she can both grow and help in the growth of others.


Michelle Frometa


Impact Deposits donates over 20% of its revenue to nonprofits and organizations supporting social enterprises. Our company and its affiliates dedicate not only funds but also their time and resources to the charitable organizations we serve.


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